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were wen for the foundation of a town called Manikyapura and
the construction of a Siva temple therein. An officer was left
behind with sufficient money to carry out the orders*.

He advanced on Kane! and after a fight won the damsel
together with a large fortune. He carried away a number of
images of various Gods including Saksi Gopala.f While he was
returning home laden with the spoils of war, he wished to know
k>wthe gods helped him. Then a person of the Gudiya caste
brought to the king a whip and demanded from him the price of
jaggery-water which he had supplied to two of his thirsty
cavaliers who were marching in advance. The king took the
whip, and rewarded him with the payment of gold coins. The
acceptance of water by the gods at the hands of a Gudiya
removed the ban upon that caste once for all.

Then the king crossed the Godavari and encamped on
the (eastern) side. Meanwhile the king oi' Kanci advancing
against him with a large army stopped on the other side of the
river. The king who succeeded in attaining his object with divine
help now felt anxious and asked (his purdhit) Godavari Rajaguru
to protect the army from attack by his miraculous powers.
The puruhit pronounced a mantra, and the waters of the river
began to swell rendering it imposible for the enemy to cro"ss.
The king resumed his march and reached Jagannatha. There
in the (main) temple in the Bhoga-maudapa in front of the God
he installed the image of Saksi Gopalasvami (Skt. Satyavadi
KrsnamurtL) As the God objected to his installation in the
Bhoga-maiidapa, the king ordered the construction of a new
temple in a village called Kamtulabayi (Skt. Caturdvara-
nania-nagara,) on the bank of the Mahanad! and installed
Sri Gopala in it.

The king fixed his residence at Kataka in anticipation of
his marriage with the padmim who also accompanied him. The
king was about to enter her palace on the night after her

*Thft foundation of Manifeyapatt*na |s &ot referred to in the Skt,
f Skt.